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10Mila Training (27/04/2016)
Wednesday 27 April 2016
Category: Training
Vättlefjäll, IFK Göteborg, Sweden
Bertilssons Ttraining (03/04/2016)
Sunday 3 April 2016
Category: Training
Hjortnatta 2016 (01/04/2016)
Friday 1 April 2016
Category: Competition
Alingsås, OK Skogshjortarna, Sweden
Night, long
A lot of mistakes that I have to work on. It is still quite a good result for me and I am glad that I can run faster now.
GOF training (27/02/2016)
Saturday 27 February 2016
Category: Training
Oxsjön, Sweden
5th: haven't seen stripe 6th: really bad decision on going to the left of all the rocks, right is definitely fast and with a lot ...
KickOff Night 2 (30/01/2016)
Saturday 30 January 2016
Category: Training
Snapparp, Sweden
KickOff Night 1  (30/01/2016)
Saturday 30 January 2016
Category: Training
Controlpicking (03/01/2016)
Sunday 3 January 2016
Category: Training
Tiredness at the end is quirte clearly visible. Most mistakes because of loose of concentration.
Controlpicking (02/01/2016)
Saturday 2 January 2016
Category: Training
Blacktjärn, Sweden