Kiev Region Training (06/03/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kiev,Chapaevka
Organiser: Vitalii Hychko
Country: Ukraine
Discipline: Intervals/relay
We have some relay.
On team was 2 man.
1 going to purple controls,oher slowly going to start close to blue line and controls,and changing over,and 2 run blue line,and 1 go slow to start close to red line and controls ,so we run one side and back side,generally was 8 intervals.

Feeling quite okey,but pulst was very high(
Avarage first intervals 168
second 179
third 172
four 178
five 184
six 180
seven 179
eight 177
In second intervals i have 2 mistakes,because pushing and not read map(
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Kiev Region Training (06/03/2016)