Championship Ukraine Ski-O (25/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Krovets region,Village Reutincy
Organiser: FSOU
Country: Ukraine
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 6.02 km
Time: 25:49
was a big mistakes on 9 controls((

Me pick up pretty good Ski-man on 3 control,after i follow him , and he was so good and him ski is much better then my.
I just try follow him.

When we go to control 9 i guess we go to control number 10 and i keep on my mind number of control58,and when we pass field with some grean area a saw behide as one more SKI-man,he swas won Long distance day before and i follow him,and he came to control 9-31,but i didn't saw he was puch controls,and i came and saw number is 31,but i remember i must seen 58 and i go out, and after i understand i was lost at least 45-70 sec

so bad story (((

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Championship Ukraine Ski-O (25/12/2016)