Kyiv Region Training (18/03/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kyiv,Ptaho-ferma
Organiser: Vitalii Hychko
Country: Украина
Discipline: Intervals
Distance: 9.35 km
Time: 58:49
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 183
Today i had intervals training.
not easy.
Mistakes : 8 control - lost 15 sec (lost direction in the green area)
11 - control - parallel situation and felt what i need training a little bit more fast training with map.
14 - control - stop a much earlier then controls (the same felt tired brain and what i need more practice fast training)

Self-perception : felt tired after 3 intervals
felt i have problem when i run on the limit my speed.
Knee is fine.

Link to 3drerun :

Thanks for people who came to training!

#Inov8ukraine #nutrixxionukraine #Vackerkatt
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Kyiv Region Training  (18/03/2017)