Kyiv Region Championship (19/03/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kyiv-Lisoviy mosiv
Organiser: Kyiv Federation Orienteering
Country: Украина
Discipline: choise
Distance: 6.65 km
Time: 27:32
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 186
i should be pick 17 controls from 17.

I have strategy from Start first two control run like intervals , after that a little bit slower and do myself orienteering.
Mistakes : First small mistakes was i run from 33 to 34 to 35 to 36, bu i wanted move to 33 to 35 to 34 to 36 ( lost 20sec)

a big mistakes on control number 39. ( i can't explaine what's up ) Lost 2 min 30sec

after mistakes i didn't rush like before,but keep speed 80%

Self-perception : when i start i felt easy in my legs. On the warm-up i felt pain in the knee a little bit,but it was few minutes.
I satisfied with my shape for now.

Link to 3drerun :
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Kyiv Region Championship (19/03/2017)