Lion Cup (12/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lviv
Organiser: Lion Cup
Country: Ukraine
Discipline: Long
Distance: 18.04 km
Time: 114:32
Average HR: 172
Maximum HR: 186
It was a long day and long course
We have mass start
Mistakes : 8 control a huge mistakes i throw away from the map and other side the map was the parallel situation and i start think about organizer put control not the correct place but after some minutes searching i got control / Lost 8min
10 control just was tired was crashed after so huge mistakes and felt tired / lost 40sec
15 control the same start think what is easy control and got parallel situation / Lost 40-45 sec
18 control - just skip a control / lost 20-30 sec

Total was not ready for so long course.
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Lion Cup (12/08/2017)