Lion Cup (13/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lviv Center
Organiser: Lion Cup
Country: Ukraine
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.74 km
Time: 16:36
Average HR: 182
Maximum HR: 189
it was not the best felling before the race but i knew everyone is tired and i can see is my training program is work.
It was a very clear race but it was excident .
I chose varian to control 15 for right way( if you look at map) and passage was closed and judge said me run away(and i think him words like ( run to next one,because i think it is only one passages to the control and didn't see next one) . when i finish everyone said they saw different passages and they punch control.
if you see split times i have a lead at control 14 (4 sec)
After some times organisator decide to added me 50 sec for that punch.

Result for not much important because i lost a lot time on first day and second so i was just satisfied with perfomance on sprint and can say i did a good and hard training and a felt comfortable on sprint.
I work a lot for increase speed and it not the maximum but i have a right way .

I much satisfied =)
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Lion Cup (13/08/2017)