Training from Kratov (20/08/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kyiv Koncha-ozerna
Organiser: Kratov Oleksandr
Country: Ukraine
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 9.25 km
Time: 45:05
Average HR: 175
Maximum HR: 183
Unfortunetly Oleksandr can't start with me/ Last time we run together at Ukrainian champioship 31.03.2017 Long. There Oleksand start behide me 15 min approximatle and picked me and after some minutes throw me away and after finish i was angy for himself.
Today i expected run with him and look what i can. But sure in the future we can run together still not one the race =)
Totaly my race was good , but i did few stupid mistakes.
Mistakes :
- All the course i have bad idea in my head and can't concentrain at 100 %
20 control i can't understand situation near the control and stay at the NOSE and look at the map.
After i decide move to next one and after 200m i understood where is i'm
After that i trying finish without mistakes.
Totaly i satisfied and i got a some power =)
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Training from Kratov  (20/08/2017)